Luuuuukeeeeee, I am your Fahhhhhttthhhhhuuuurrrrrrrr

No sneaks

While my display at Touchstone is in need of serious revision, there is some great news on the horizon for me and many friends of mine, which is a great way to close out the day. For starters, I learned this week that one of my favorite bloggers, The Black Snob , will be speaking at Harvard in the spring as part of their 5th Annual Black Policy Conference. Shes in the midst of a complete blog overhaul which I can’t wait for. Shower her blog with love if you could and stay tuned for more news related to our collaboration on a TV series. I’ll be writing about that more soon as well!

I’ve added Trip It and ye ole’ blog to my Linkedin profile, so if you are traveling to the DC area soon let me know! For those planning Inauguration trips, I’ve decided against pimping my money townhouse out and welcome anyone in need of cheap housing for the week/end. Couch and floor spots are first come first serve. 🙂 The house is a mile from the Pentagon metro and has bus lines that run from there, Rosslyn and Clarendon metros, which helps with the anticipated logjamming. Dots B&B is open for bizzy.

For those that might not know, the Inauguration takes place on the steps of the Capitol…I had family in town that didn’t know that. They are setting up megatrons down the Mall so that the crowd can see more clearly. I just got an invite from The Rookery for Luke Russert’s Inauguration Party, the crowds a little young for me, but being that I totally missed out on the Busboys & Poets tickets, boozin it up with the Smith Point crowd that night could be interesting…..


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