We’ve gone to PLAID

Ludicrious speed?

After the lull of the holidays put DC to sleep, it’s now full spaz mode here in DC, everyones aflutter about balls and parties and tuxes and hotels and and and and. (!!!)  While I’ll admit, I made a spreadsheet for the ball list, I think I’m drastically scaling back my interest in heading into DC that night, or those nights, as the entire week is gearing up to be an insanely conjested cufflink festival.   I won’t feign indifference or act TC, its a fun time to be here, I love my city, but I also have rules that involve not waiting in lines, for almost anything.

In my own defense, I made said spreadsheet for a friend of mine that runs a nonprofit and is trying to get veterans into parties, which is something I’ll get behind.  They are certainly the ones that could use a party.  But at this point, unless I have a helicopter waiting to airlift me from the coat room I’m avoiding the hysteria this year.  I have a few cocktail parties and a brunch I wont skip,  but I’m considering issuing a secret password for my house and making it an escape hatch for those crashing with me that week.  Is it time to panic shop for milk and toilet paper yet?

I was and am not shocked that Luke Russert is a little less than flattered by The Rookery’s pimpage on their Uncle Sam Inog invite.  I saw that thing and was like, good luck buddy.  When I stop in for my annual Smith Point constitutional, I’m a wallflower voyeur and as you read below thought being around that crowd on the 20th would be entertaining.   The Smith Point crowd is always a rowdy popped collar booze fest of wannabe or legit insiders.   The owner is a hellofaguy though, sometimes I’m not sure if he knew what he was getting into when he started that “list”.  The only pride I take in being on it, is getting out of paying a cover, cause I’m cheap and/or broke.

Before anyone gets going about how elitist and snobby the liberals who are infiltrating DC are, just read the link above and remember the last time Smith Point got this kind of press.  Now that I think of it, I’ll share a “conversation” (which means semi-argument) I had last night while sipping drinkies at the 1789 pub to illustrate my thoughts on changing  “DC scene”.

The holidays are over and Georgetown belongs to the students, once again.  I had fled The Tombs bar downstairs moments earlier as I was feeling a little dated.  Crisp January nights in Georgetown call for nightcaps at the 1789 pub, so I made myself comfortable with a glass of Pinot Noir and was kept company by the always hospitable Jimmy Fitzgerald.

Soon I was joined by a smartly dressed 40-something and his date.  They saddle up and we begin discussing the decor, which inevitably leads to him discussing the “good ole days” when F Scotts was the Studio 54 of DC.  Having worked at the 1789 and The Tombs, I’ve heard these stories before, but don’t mind listening again to them describe DC’s gliterati of the 70s and 80s.  This was the Smith Point crew of a generation past, and yet they fancy themselves so much classier or mature than youngsters today.  Apparently we are all binge drinking low lifes, but pay no attention to the razor scratches that still grace F Scotts bar….those were the days!

I kid when I chastize the generational myopia of the 40-something because I realize I’m heading down the same path.  Keep in mind I had just grown weary of the blaring music and legging clad college crowd that was filling up the bar I had once loved as a college student.  I had grumbled while trying to find parking on Prospect Street or near the University and honestly believe I even mumbled “damn kids” while nearly missing a few pedestrians SLOWWWWWLY crossing the street.

Jimmy, the 40-something, and I had gotten into, again, a “conversation” about the pictures and I had argued that a few of them should change to reflect the shifting demographic here in the city.  The 89 is tastefully decorated in vintage and antique sports memorabilia with a DC flair.  I’ve always loved it, but basically, its all pictures of old white guys, or horses, or boats.  I wasn’t arguing that we replace them with this mind you, my opinion only came after seating many a minority couple as a host years ago, and listening to their reflections, which were not always complimentary.

And they had a good point, similar institutions in NY don’t change their decor just based on the fashion or politics of the time, so neither should the 1789.  The pictures and atmosphere are a respite for the patrons, who yearn for a cozy retreat from the hyper stylized world we live in, a yearning that I clearly share.  I was arguing that the 1789 is a benchmark of DC heritage and should just think about reflecting the true history of the city rather than just one particular demographic.  They didn’t disagree really, but the truce was reluctant.

I once ate amazing soul food in this diner in Durham, North Carolina.  The walls were FILLED with pictures of gospel and soul trios, soloists and choirs, 99% of which were black and I didn’t feel “left out”.  I certainly wouldn’t think to lobby to have more diversity reflected on the walls of that diner (who’s name escapes me), so why should these guys?

As I drove home last night (dont worry, it was only one glass of pinot), I realized that instead of thinking the 89 should change, I should just be glad that the reality of fine dining and classy pub crawling in DC is changing to reflect the country’s spectrum.  So God bless Smith Point and their ancestors, otherwise there would be no reason for new places like this and soon to come, this.

Of course, now I’m contemplating creeping up to the doorstep of the 89 on the 20th.  Like I said, its a respite.

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