Up Against The Wall

Here are a few pics courtesy of my good friend and cosmic twin Dana Thompson.  Thank you so much to all who attended, including my ever-supportive family.  It meant the world to have your support that night, especially considering the place was packed and Chinatown was a traffic beast!


Two steps back

At a Distance its even more brilliant

The artist splains it all

An artistic shot in and of itself of the other room

Le Johnsons (Mom, Liz, Dad, Val)

Le Johnsons (Mom, Liz, Dad, Val)

As you can see, the place was packed and one of my pieces mysteriously bent out of shape on me, which was frustrating. As I am informally trained, I tend to stumble when it comes to categorizing my work. As any art consultant will explain, this is not a skill that can be developed in an afternoon. Ironically, my aim with this most recent display was just to present something as simple but visually appealing as possible.

I had two hurdles with this show, a) figuring out how to use rather long vertical space I was given and b) how to create a visual narrative that celebrated the simplicity of the work without looking unfinished. I think I was successful on a) but struggled with b). I received many compliments from artists and collectors who managed to squeeze out of the herd long enough to speak to me.

I did receive a lot of “how’d you do that” or “so what does one do with these?”, which indicates that I probably should have invested in a least one frame for one of the pieces. Its just always a competition between investing in framing and buying new supplies – esp when the pieces are large and require float framing. A few of the participants have emailed me to let me know that they thought my work was “definitely doing something different”, that “the show needed something conceptual but not weird” or that it “appeared to be work that took some time, was personal and the artist took care with it.”

But enough of Maude’s friends….I need to create a small version that I can get framed affordably and get it up there before the Inauguration traffic storms in and I lose any opportunities.

  1. October 19th, 2009

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