Girls, Girls, Girls

The ladieeeeez

My best friend just found out she is having another girl and while no one likes to admit disappointment about such a subject, I know she was hoping for a boy. If you are a sister and have multiple girls in your family, you understand the desire for diversity. Lets just leave it at that.

She found out today that shes going to be the Mom of two girls and told me right as I was just reading a piece on Slate critiquing the Obama daughters’ public persona. Reading this made me want to dust of an old blog I used to write as I had written something on the Bush twins and Gore girls like two years ago. Its pretty entertaining stuff, and I still think I was right about the kid gloves with which the powerful young ladies of this city have been treated. I do however, agree that Sidwell is a bubble and that could be a good thing for the exploding Sasha and Malia sideshow.

I won’t regurge the post here, you can go read it and peruse my other sprawling musings on my self-prescribed “Civilian Syndrome“, but the point I was making was that I tend to favor my grandfather’s way of thinking when it came to his own political career and the responsibilities that do fall on the shoulders of those related to the elected. There’s a thin line between nepotism and shared family service, I realize as well. Currently, my grandfather is ailing and we are a little worried about what the future holds for his time here with us. A generation that used to instill their children that civic duty and service were responsibilities to be cherished not shrugged off seemed to be fading when I wrote that post. I wonder if theres a bit of a swing back to it though with the Obamas. Or at least that is what is being perceived.

As my grandfather’s health continues to deteriorate, I think of the way he raised his daughters, each of them now, civic minded and accomplished women who despite their own hardships make time for service and citizenship. And they raised daughters and sons with a similar principles (I would like to think). Not once did or have his daughters complained about the spotlight shining too hot, or shrugged off their political upbringing as just “something their Dad did”, which is why I think today’s Slate piece misses the point.

While I live with one of my youngest sisters, the sister that is most closest in age to me came over after what felt like a month of not seeing her. Sure, it really had only been like a week, but we poured ourselves some cocktails, enjoyed some queso and chips and laughed our asses off while watching The Office and then a little Comedy Central stand up. Sure, I love seeing my brother, who I wish I saw more of, but brothers are just different. Its a whole different thang.

Me and the boys

Can sisters be a big painola, sure, but I’m secretly really happy for my best friend that shes going to give her daughter a sister next. Of course, I would be happy with anything she had, but she’s going to raise two amazing daughters, ones that I will be proud to recommend to colleges, for jobs and watch have their own kids one day (while her mother and I drink, point and laugh). I think there is a part of me that thinks that having a brother can make you strong, but having a sister (whether through blood or friendship) builds a confidence that rounds out a woman in a different way. Hillary Clinton is a great example of a girl who needed a sister and what happens to women when they are in the boys game too long. By the end of her campaign she finally started embracing the feminine mystique and put down the shoulder pads. But it was too late, America had already embraced the velvet revolver herself, Michelle and the two sisters. Its also why Sarah Palin was so popular, think what you want, people love daughters.

The Ladies Guste/Johnson

In the end sisters keep you real, they talk you down and they shut you up. They will lie when they need to and tell the truth when you don’t want to hear it. In all honesty I spent most of my 20s wishing I had more boys in my life, only to start my30s thanking God Almighty for all the women. Dont get me wrong, I love men, they are a riddle (or practical joke on women) that I look forward to obsessing about for the rest of my days. If anything I’m wondering if we should reverse course and start celebrating the “Masculine Mystique”.

Boys will be boys

My best friend will be giving her daughter a shoulder to cry on when Mom doesn’t get it, a friend to hatch devious plans with, and someone who will tell them when their ass looks too big. Her oldest daughter will now have someone to blame, an excuse to use the car (“I’ll go pick her up!”) and another closet to dig through for the perfect outfit.

Plus as I reminded her, Brad Pitt’s got sons :).

The Johnson chicks

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