A Cajun Birthday Weekend Begins

Just Hit Play

Lets face it, the weather here in DC is rocking. I’m bracing for the impact of a cold kick in the ass from March though, which is usually how Mother Nature rolls here in NOVA. Shes a flirty bitch this time of year and tempts us with her warmish weather and bbq worthy sunsets, but I know that she’ll fall off the wagon, forget to take her meds and the bitter wetness that is winter here will return for one last month.

Never the less, I didn’t know we had a long weekend this weekend and my Russian coworker just informed me that “the sandviches are hea”, which means that my corporately funded Five Guys burger is about to be destroyed. I’d like to thank last nights sponsors Pimms and Abita for their gracious endorsement of the Johnson girls dance party that took place at Chez Slingsters last night in celebration of Valjeezies 29th anniversary of her 1st Birthday. A post is being prepared where I will extol my Irish twin’s virtues, grace and wit, for she is quite possibly The Greatest Sister Of All Time. Period. End of Story.

I totally wrecked the birthday plans we had due to a neglectful financial predicament, but she has handled the disappointment well. The festivities last night kicked off what looks to be a merry Chanukah of birthdays extending well past the Valentines Day on which she was birthed. Despite the looming depression (and as good Cajuns are apt to do in a crisis) we partied. We were treated to homemade Gumbo courtesy of Master Chef Mom Johnson, I think I claimed to want to learn the accordion and there was an impromptu art history lesson. Slingo and I got our youngest sister to fall off the wagon with us and enjoyed scooting our boots to the stylings of Santogold and Citizen Cope once we were bored with the seizure enducing zydeco music my festively dressed Father insisted upon playing.

Time for Lagniappe!

After reading our dog Phil’s birthday letter to Slingjeezy the tempo of the night swung into full gear and ultimately concluded with a Moroccan pizza guy delivering a pizza that disappeared so fast that the birthday girl didn’t get any. And did I mention we managed to get the guy to deliver a tobacco desert in addition to the pizza? Apparently the guy “loves” my sister and after he came in and chilled a bit with the Johnson girls 3, things got awkward and we shooed him out the door so we could continue binging in private.

Although I made it in a bit late to worky today, my company rewarded my tardiness with Five Guys for lunch, so my hangover thanks them for the kindness. The sun is blanketing this fair city in a warm spring glow and despite this week sucking for many reasons, I see one hell of a weekend brewing. I can hear the Cherry Blossoms cracking open, the Waterfront’s blenders are whirring to life and intend to rush into the welcoming arms of a city that seems ready to sweep me off my feet. Cheers people, and a preemptive thanks to Mr. Lincoln for the extra day off.


    • Maggie
    • February 18th, 2009

    Damn you! Now I want a Five Guys burger and some fries!

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