25 Things I’m Thinking About

I never submitted to the FB craze but this might be the best way for me to hammer out my thoughts after a long, very thoughtful and fun weekend. I can’t sort out which thing to think about first so I’ll lay it all out in hopes that they will naturally prioritize themselves. In no particular (but that doesnt mean non linear) order here goes…

1. I think there is a connection between the how processed a womans hair is and how honest she is with herself. I’ll call it the “Reverse Toupee Effect”

2. A Place In The Sun should be remade, and feature my bf James Franco. I would change the ending though.

3. Its amazing how powerful Grenadine is when you think about it.

4. This year really is the “Year of New People” for me. I couldn’t be more blessed.

5. Sometimes I feel like an emotional kickstand for people when I’d rather be riding the bike myself.

6. Skipping the part of the night when you go to the bar can actually lead to more fun.

7. I wish I knew Fenty’s former CTO. KEYS should be funded by DC as an “App For Democracy”.

8. Jesus was playing a really clever trick on men with the priesthood and theres probably a good reason why his manchild years were left out of the Bible.

9. I think I might start dating only those men who have been divorced and have kids, TBD in a forthcoming post on a phenomenon I’m terming “Male Cinderellas”.

10. The resume overhaul I’ve been conducting has yielded some really neat insights and observations. In some cases mind blowing.

11. I had both a good laugh and a good cry this weekend. Both were helpful.

12. I’d like to invent a new line of rubber brushes and sell them in stores and to schools. Need to call Imperial.

13. My laptop being broken really sucks.

14. I’ve started to count dollars every time throw something away. I might be becoming my mother.

15. I can’t wait for this summer. Please God let it be better than last.

16. The Watchmen is going to rule.

17. I think Quinton Tarantino is a tool. I dont care what you say.

18. The only rule about The Beach House is that there is no talking about The Beach House.

19. When you think about it money does grow on trees, well bushes called cotton plants.

20. Turning 30 rocked, but dealing with 20-somethings sucks. I owe apologies to my parents, teachers and former bosses for probably being a complete pain.

21. Has given up on manicures, I just do too much work with my hands to be bothered.

22. I miss my sister Loretta and my brother Robert, but they are busy kickin ass so its all good.

23. 25 things is a lot. I might start the next craze, “5 Big Things”. Trim it down, make it count.

24. You remember Popples? Wow. Yeah.

25. Trying to organize tupperware can make you feel really stupid. Esp when you are trying to figure out how to contain all of your containers.

I'm now on the hunt!

    • Maggie
    • February 22nd, 2009

    Two Things:

    1) I actually found a website that had new Poppels for sale. I told Brooks who then went on Ebay and bought a bunch of, um, used ones. They were…unhygenic, but I guess it’s the thought, right?

    2) My hair? Processed doesn’t cover it. Now it’s more because it’s alarmingly grey, but in my younger years it was – for me – the most controllable aspect of my appearance. Not about being dishonest with myself, but more about being honest with myself. And you always had those pretty gold highlights so don’t judge those of us with the mousy brown going grey 🙂

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