One Step Backward, Two Steps Forward

Its official, my clock is ticking.  No, not that one, the one on my final month of being 30.

It’s been months since I posted last, and yesterday I finally checked off a few final to-do’s I promised I would get done before I indulged in this modest form of vanity called blogging.  As the days before July 7 pass quickly I’m compelled to reflect on the past year of my life, which has quite possibly, been the best year ever.  Year 30 has also been probably the hardest year of my life, but like a well trained marathoner, I’m crossing the finish line barely out of breath, much to my own surprise.  Its a gratifying but also imposing feeling, as I’m suddenly aware of how the past 29 years had prepared me for 30 and how much farther I have to go.

The past two months alone have been a whirlwind, and I don’t just say that, they have made me feel like Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, staring out her window as things fly by.  Actually I take that back, I feel like the twister sometimes, as somewhere last May I picked up my life and hurled it in a completely new direction.  And much like Judy (bc there’s only one Dorothy here), I found myself surrounded by so many new faces and a technicolor wonderland of experiences and challenges.  In addition to a myriad of friendly strangers, I’ve picked up a resourceful and supportive business partner for my freelance production work, a multi-talented writer/journalist as a client and co-writer, and  an amazing photographer as a new roommate, all of whom have helped push my own work to a new level and whom I have enjoyed working with on a variety of projects web, tv, media and print related.  And those are just a few of the newbies in Dot’s Oz.

dot and db

Spring began with an Easter sojourn to Pensacola with the fam, and since then, I have traveled to Harvard for their 5th Annual Black Policy Conference where I met (for the first time in person) writer/blogger/satirist Danielle Belton aka The Black Snob.  You can read about our misadventures on the road together at her site, which today will also feature a post written by yours truly about DC’s First Annual African Fashion Showcase & Design Competition.  The Snob has enlisted Dot’s help in turning her site into a Gawker meets In Living Color for an often satirical look at “politics, pop culture and pretentiousness”, of which DC and the country are in sore need.  Essence? To corporate.  Uptown? Too Town & Country.  The Root? Too academic.  The Snob? Just right.

This year I finally launched an online showcase of my artwork, and while 3.0 was a much needed step, v.3.1 is coming soon.  Year 30 included my first public show at Touchstone and a few sales and commissions which have been a huge pat on the back that I’m not just fooling myself.  I’ve teamed up with my sister Liz, an equally talented artiste, to launch Georgetown Watercolors and have been pleased with the responses her work and the products we created and are marketing are receiving from NW vendors and University departments.  Both online art venues are proof of the viral power of facebook, twitter and other services like Nombray, Carbonmade and of course wordpress.

Y30 also saw the creation of KEYS For The Homeless Foundation online.  What looks like your average gorgeous web storefront, is actually an integrated database that will link the city’s homeless service agencies with available inventory and much-needed supplies from a vast network of hospitality industry partners.  Holy wireframes Batman.

On the side I moved twice, learned how to frame my own artwork, helped produce a segment for ABC and networked like crazy to begin interviewing as I finally parted ways with my job as a government consultant in March.  As I said, it’s been a blur but a testimony to our President’s forecasting about the Change that has undoubtedly come.

So yeah, less than a month left to go for the big 3-0, hence the walk down amnesia lane.  Most of you know about my preference for “Themes” instead of New Year’s Resolutions and my oft-repeated use of  “Pull the camera back” so consider today’s post my attempt to take a step back for a wide shot.  Oz is still a bit out of reach, but I’m certain that friends and the right footware will get me there.

To Oz? To OZ!

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