Linkdropping Is The New Namedropping


In the spirit of my walk down memory lane (see previous post), an interview I had yesterday made me think about a story my Mom told at my birthday party a few years ago.  Its not so much a story as a vignette about Dotty, as she described to my friends how, as early as age five, I used to run into my parents bedroom with the morning paper and describe to them what had happened while we were sleeping.  My parents would wake up to “Do you know what happened!?!” with the inevitable jump into their bed with whatever section of the paper I was pretending to read in tow.  I laughed when I heard this story because I still will be the first one on the phone to my Mom or Dad with major world news and am probably the only one in my family that receives email updates from Congress, Sky News or the Daily Mail (I keep it international).

As many of you know I’m an information junkie.  My browser is usually packed with tabs that I switch through, reread and link to all day (should the time allow).  But yesterday I was asked what I read to stay in the know and I totally blanked.  I’ve written previously about how sometimes less technology is more and yesterday those words came full circle as I think I might have blurted out Digg or Wired which is like answering “Jesus or Einstein” to which historical figures would you like to eat dinner with.

Although I tried to let it go, my monkey brain isn’t letting me wrestle this one away and the more I think about how I waffled the more I wondered whether said waffling might be a generational trend rather than a symptom of my brain turning to concrete when under the gun.  Sure, if we are behind our laptops we are all geniuses and encylopedias, but whether we’re schmoozing at TechCocktail or trying to showcase our competancy in an interview, our overreliance on technology can really trip us up and be a handicap rather than a help.

What really gets me is that the neural pathways involved in answering the question “What do you read” are the same ones that I use when I “link”drop countless times a day.  “Did you see that article in ________” , “OMG, check this out”  to the tiny urls I sneak into tweets, I consider myself a Kelly Slater of sorts when it comes to surfing.  Its what I was paid to do basically when consulting for the Navy, my job was a constant search and destroy mission for hard to find information or a daily round up.  If you know me, you are well aware that the list to the left is about a third of my daily intake (if I’m idle), but stop me in the middle of the street and ask me what I read and all you might get is


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