Dear Andy (again)


Hello old dead friend and mentor, I felt compelled to write you a quick note as Artomatic is going on in DC, so naturally I’m extra thoughtful this month about art, media, design, advertising and all of your favorite subjects.

I’m beginning to wonder if there should just be a whole separate traveling show devoted to the Warholian style and technique due to the pervasive influence your ideas had and still have on art.  From huge repeated lithograph portraits stamped all over one installation, to a direct homage to your Campbell soup can, I’ve seen a least a dozen works that capitalize on your techniques, which I think could be considered “open source” at this point.

I’m not even sure that people know they are doing it.  Which is why I think I’m beginning to consider you a movement rather than just a singular artist.  We are still in a Warhol Era, I’m convinced.  The accessibility of tools and software applications that can automatically apply techniques that make digital art look hand painted, or create shadowy homages of peoples faces (don’t get me started on Shepard Fairy), to huge random objects being silk screened onto shirts, walls or canvas is both frustrating and exciting to witness.  We’ve automated and digitized nearly every artistic process, technique and tool, which to me reflects the harbinger of your work.  I wonder sometimes what you would have done with the tools we have today.  Would you have taken a purist mentality and stuck to hand made art or gone buck wild with mass production on an even larger scale?

I keep replaying the scene from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in my head, the one where the historical figures are let loose in the mall.  You weren’t around when it came out but its a hilarious scene, Beethoven’s scene is more akin to what I see you doing.  Warhold in an Apple store, hmmmm…….

I’ll post some pictures soon, but you should go check it out if you can.  The circuitboard quilts by Eric Celarier are incredible.

Your friend and admirer,


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