And The South Shall Rise Again

Its time for Bill Belichick to swap his cap sleeved fleece poncho for beads and a fringe lined umbrella….because its pretty clear that something really special is cookin’ down in New Orleans. I mean who wears a fleece poncho in a city where the winter temp doesnt dip below 60?

I know a few haters that will find a way to pick apart tonight’s win over New England, they’ll tell me that homefield advantage won this and not a quarterback who statistically played a perfect game.  That “mental errors” fouled up the Patriot’s “ability to win” instead of technically what amounted to a perfect game.  To those haters I say:

Mint julep anyone?

Or perhaps an Abita Restoration, because you need to put down whatever Kool Aid you are nursing and hop on our gold plated bandwagon.  I’m done listing past tragedies, or the legacy of Saints’ football, I’m done with it.  The Saints are closers, period.

What’s remarkable about Brees & Peyton is that they’re “game at a time” approach is really about winning Superbowls, finishing games and closing out winning seasons – consistently.  While it seems iterative, their entire mentality is about remaking a franchise and giving a city the team it deserves.  Its not about “playing our best” or “trying to win”, when Brees talks you can hear the focus and confidence.  Sure, he’ll shrug and act humble, but make no mistake, this man wants to be the next Brett Favre or Joe Montana, I mean he wakes up thinking that.  Thinking, how can kick more ass?  I guess this is what all of you Skins, Cowboy, Pats, Packers, Steelers fans have felt for Rippen, Aikman, Brady, Favre and Rothlingswhatshisname.

Oh, wait, hold on, NO.  You don’t know WHAT this feels like!!!!!

While I’ll welcome anyone on our partywagon, only the true lifer fans really feel the full weight of whats changed about the Saints.  I grew up rooting for us to “just play well” or “make it a good game”.  These are statements of losers.  It’s no more “everyone gets a trophy” down in the Big Easy, which is now a very ironic name for a very tough football town.

The Saints are exactly the team New Orleans needs and deserves, and I’ll go even farther and say they are what this country needs and deserves.  Here you have a historically flawed franchise who’s turned it around to become a lethal force in the league.   Marginal, passable, C+ behavior is no longer tolerated.   Like the President said, we strive for 90% or above, “fine is not an option”.  I love that this team has made me greedy for wins, but I can still sense that my fellow fans are scared to let the fear go.  The years have worn out our nerves, and we’re scared to expect the win. We nervously sip our beers, waiting for a glimpse of the old blow it boys.  And just then, Brees fires and scores, again and again, drilling it into our memory that THIS IS HAPPENING.  Where did this guy come from?  Where did this coach come from? Who the HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!?!

What team loves it’s city and fans so enough to fly to the Hall of Fame to visit the Katrina exhibit just for inspiration? What quarterback makes personal phone calls to reel in number one draft pics?  What coach pulls a quarter of a million dollars out of his pocket to cover the cost of a new defensive coordinator?

My generation has grown up watching executive managers squander profits, sell out their employees, and treat customers like cattle, hell, like idiots.  While normally this blog celebrates living in DC, having to watch Skins fans suffer is especially tough and I feel guilty considering how great the Black & Gold are treating me.

No, wait, I don’t. Not one bit.

All I want to say is:


    • Rob
    • December 1st, 2009

    You could not have said it more perfectly! Geaux Saints! Ho Dat!

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