Headshots: A Lesson In Character

One of my accounts is owned by two great, young, local boys and I’m trying to wrestle them into a photo shoot in preparation for the relaunch of their website.  I use a little humor with clients regarding image and technology based on the belief that lectures about such things are BOR-ING.  I know some of these are not technically headshots, but I feel a meme coming on……



GOOD HEADSHOT (Im buying whatever he’s selling.  And I want a ride in that car.  Like now.)

DOUCHEBAGS (nice fake plants, I cant wait to do business with these guys, or staple my head to the carpet. That’s one 3-ring away from being a Trapper Keeper)

LESS DORKY  (amazing what a tailored gold blazer and soft lighting can do for a dork)

FRIENDLY BUT SLOUCHY (we make great pizza, but if that Papa Johns opens up, we’re toast)

APPROACHABLE BUT POLISHED  (our small cheesy bbq bar is hurting the Hooters down the street)

DORKY PARTNERS (we work together!!!!! yay!!!!!!! video games, yay!!!!)

COOL PARTNERS  (we work together, but still have girlfriends)

COMPLETELY OVER STAGED (lemme guess, you deal in antique Japanese artwork?!)

STAGED BUT COOL (clever, approachable, very google since they “play” with their logo all the time)


I”ll probably catch flack from my Jersey friends for dissing their Hoboken pizzeria, but I was making a visual point.  I bet Dina & Ottavia’s business wipes the floor with Papa J’s, I just argue that a decent headshot can reflect that.  There’s merit in leaving things a little “analog” but given that character counts so much these days, it can be that extra 5% that tips the customer’s scales.  You are your company’s greatest asset, just look at Tiger Woods.

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