Q & D on the Skins Logo

Because I am a junkie for twitter and branding, I caught Matt Terls exchange with Chad Dukes and others about the Skins changing not only their logo but their unis entirely.

Here’s the birdfeed, here’s the pics.

Here’s my suggestion

1. People love the maroon helmets, they have to stay.  I know the zing of just something COMPLETELY diff is exciting, but heritage is important here.  No reason to abandon everything (I dont like either/or thinking, I’m an and/both gal)

2. Feathers dipped in gold paint = badass, they inspire fan costumes to games, harken to the old imagery and keeping them is a peace offering (wink).

3. What the hell is that Seminole, USC tired ass stock image spear doing on a Skins helmet?  Lose it. It has no purpose here.

4. The integrity of the original logo is maintained, ethnic slur Wiped clean, and a We get a new Way to root for our dear city.  Worked for the Nats.

5. Keep the fans happy, refresh the brand, give everyone a new start without totally bailing on what makes the team great.

Course I was born a traitorous Saints Fan, what do I know.  I don’t hate on the Skins btw, this logo is my attempt to love by proxy.   Here’s proof of my affection for what is technically my hometown team.

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