An Email From My Sister

You may have read Mark Lorando’s letter to Miami, or watched Wayne Spring let his friends shoot his TV over a Saints game, but below is the email my sister sent me late last night.  I tried to paste the color version into wordpress, but no dice, so for the extra curious, the link below  opens a word doc with a screenshot.

My best friend (bc only a best friend would do this) called Sunday night and asked me “What would you say if I flew you down to Houston and we drove to New Orleans for the parade?”

I think I have to sleep at DCA for the next three days.  The airport bar will have the Superbowl on right?

Rets Email

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Loretta Eleanore Johnson
Date: Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 11:18 PM
To: Dorothy Johnson

“four years and four months after hurricane katrina,
forty-four days after christmas,
in the forty-forth year since the beginning of the saints franchise,
after an overtime championship win that occurred just four minutes and forty seconds into the overtime period,

on Feb 9, 2010,

ret, dot, ade, payton, and brees stormed up the avenue…,
what occurred that tuesday night …
may never be completely understood,
but this city is sure of one thing,
it needed to happen…”

MONDAY NIGHT: arrival at casa de loretta

i have ordered 35 pounds of fresh boiled crawfish,
a cooler of abita-
andygator, purple haze, amber, turbodog etc…
all will be waiting on the front porch,

if you arrive late monday night and are tired,
we may sit, eat crawfish, have a few beers and watch the streetcar go by,
talk about our tremendous season and our victory over the colts,
and scheme about how we are going to get drew, payton, jeremy and reggie back to 2102 s carrollton.


if you arrive in a timely manner,
the crawfish and beer can wait and be consumed the next day.
monday night we can venture into the french quarter,
have a champagne toast at antoines to celebrate our team, our city, and breesus.
chat with fellow fans who will have taken over the quarter completely,
and head home when we are inclined to do so,

loretta has taken work off this day.
we will wake up, cook breakfast, catch the parade news,
visit papere (and nanie – loretta will stay home and prepare things)
around 11:00 we will hit the road,
we will take my grill, crawfish, and beevos to peniston street (one block off of st.charles ave),
where we will proceed to grill out, chat with neighboring parade waiters, and saints fans,
and simply await the most glorious parade in mardi gras and saints history,
not to mention the most historic parade in the entire history of this city,
during the day we may choose to walk over to magazine street to grab some ice cream at sucre,
or visit the legendary storyville t shirt shop– (who dat officially belongs to the who dat nation as per yesterday)

we fight our way to the front row so we get a prime time street parade watching spot,
so that we can give our boys the support and lovin’ they deserve as they pass in the next hour or so,
my friends house on Peniston street will have a clean bathroom, a fridge, and friends passing through all day,
it is located one block from some pretty prime time uptown bars/restaurants,
which, if we choose to do so,
we may become patrons of throughout the day and after the parade,


we may make the 45 minute trek, with -what i assume based on prior mardi gras experiences,
will be a large crowd of paraders making the nightly journey to bourbon st.,
doing so will shift our day from totally crazy to borderline insanity..
our choice.
of course.

loretta must go to work on this day 😦
she will leave her car here for any errands dot might need to do
you all will make your departure 😦
and loretta will come home and cry.

a brief but memorable,
fleeting but legendary visit.
but you two, of all people,
must get used to this.
joyce did it every time she hit the stage.
(inside reference)

love love love
pass this along to adrienne,

your beads are waiting.….
i also think this email is proof of the fact that new orleans should add the color black to the mardi gras color scheme,…
it just fits..

ps- i had pictures but couldnt get my old ass computer to make them work in the email!
so just visualize or something 🙂

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