Weekend Art Sale: First Batch O’ Sneak Peeks

Yellow Roses 4 x 3 Acrylic w/Metallic Pen

Time to clean out the studio in preparation for new projects!  Here are a few sneak peeks as I prep the full shots of the pieces I’m ready to part with.  Aside from a pool party on Sunday and perhaps Jackson Edwards’ show at the Red & The Black tonight, I’ll be around all weekend working on, well, new work.  My work has been described as energetic, emotional and full of color, go figure!  Illustrations, portraits and more paintings to follow.  If you want to cruise around my portfolio, click here.

Woman's Back and Hips 3 x 4 Acrylic with Gold Overlay

Jazz Pianist 30 x 24 White Pastel on Sepia Blackboard Paper

Jazz Pianist 2 30 x 24 White Pastel on Amber Blackboard Paper

Margie's Piano 36 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas

Fall & Rise 5' x 2' Acrylic on Canvas

The Jabberwocky 30 x 17 Aquarelle with Wax Crayon on Paper

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